About Wagyu

When it comes to cattle, there is no breed of cattle on the planet that carries as much mystique – and misunderstanding – as Wagyu, aka “Kobe Style” beef.

What is the difference between “Wagyu” and “Kobe” beef?
The answer there is simple. Kobe beef can only come from the Kobe region of Japan. Period, end of story. Any beef marketed as “Kobe beef” must be imported from Japan.

“Wagyu” is the type of cattle that is cultivated to create Japan’s signature “Kobe Beef”. Wagyu cattle have been bred to produce very well marbled meat. The marbling is much more heavy than breeds found commonly in Europe and the west. Wagyu cattle are also a much younger breed, with breed origins dating back to only the 1960s, when Japan was in the midst of large socioeconomic changes. Prior to that time cattle were mainly kept for farm work, after that time period cattle are mainly raised for beef. For comparison, the Angus breed as we know them today date back to the early-1800s.

Do they really feed cattle beer and give it massages?
Domestic Wagyu produced in the USA…if that is a common practice in the states; we are not aware of it. However, when it comes to Kobe Beef in Japan, both beer and massages are reality for cattle. But it is more than “pampering” the cattle. During the hot summer months heat and humidity reduces the cattle’s appetite. Beer helps to stimulate their appetite – so it’s not purely recreational. Massaging cattle is a very real thing as well. However, there is a purpose for the massage is not to relax the cattle, but helps to evenly distribute the fat throughout the meat making it more consistent. It also causes the meat to be more of a pink color than the traditional bright red color that we expect in the states.

What makes Wagyu cattle different from other popular breeds in the United States?
Wagyu differ from other breeds in a couple ways. First, they are genetically programed to develop a completely different type of marbling. Marbling is the intramuscular fat that helps to make meat tender and juicy. Second, Wagyu cattle are much slower growing and take much longer to finish than other breeds. It’s not uncommon for Wagyu to require a full 50% more time on feed to reach a desirable finish. In the simplest terms, this means Waygu beef is MUCH more expensive than other domestic breeds because it required more time, and roughly 50% more feed making the cost to produce much, much higher. The upside to all of this is the quality. While domestic “Waygu” can’t be called “Kobe” beef, it is still exquisite beef that more than justifies the additional cost.

What makes Nebraska Star® Beef Natural Wagyu Beef better than the rest?
Just like all of our beef, our Wagyu cattle are never, ever administered antibiotic, growth hormones or other growth promotants. We feed them the same high quality steam flaked corn diet as all our Natural Angus. Our Wagyu cattle are fed considerable longer to reach the quality level that we strive to achieve – you will not be disappointed.

8oz Natural Wagyu Filet

This Source Verified, Natural Wagyu 8oz Filet is the pinnacle steak in the Nebraska Star Beef line. It has a very delicate texture and an heavenly taste that one must experience to believe. These steaks are cut to 1.5 to 1.75″ thick and are best coated lightly with olive oil, then dusted with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. Pan sear for 30 seconds per side on a red hot skillet, and finish on the grill – 8 minutes per side – or in the oven at 400F for 12 minutes to yield a perfect medium rare.
Starting at $64.99

12oz Natural Wagyu Strip

12oz Source Verified, All Natural Wagyu NY Strip is an amazing cut of steak. It has a great texture and extreme marbling which combine to deliver an out of this world steak experience. The steaks are cut to approximately 1.25″ thick and require a little extra time on the grill or in the oven. We recommend a light coat of olive oil, 30 second per side sear in a red hot skillet followed by 7 minutes per side on the grill or 12 minutes in a 400F oven. Like all our products, these steaks are finished on a highly specialized corn based diet, then wet aged 35 days after harvest to deliver peak tenderness, then they are cut and flash frozen so they are as good a year from now as they are today.
Starting at $64.99

14oz Natural Wagyu Ribeye

Our 14oz Source Verified, Natural Wagyu Ribeye is one of those steaks that will leave an impression, in fact, don’t be surprised if it changes your perspective on beef entirely. They are cut to approximately 1″ thick and have marbling that has to be seen to be believed. This heavy marbling in Wagyu (aka American style Kobe) is different from conventional beef in that it is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and it melts into the meat fiber as opposed to charring into gristle. The texture and tenderness are second to none; these steaks can literally be cut with a fork. Contrary to popular misconception Wagyu are not fed beer or massaged daily. We feed our natural Wagyu the same corn based ration that we feed all of our natural beef and wet age for 35 days after harvest, then steaks are cut by an expert butcher and flash frozen to lock in quality.
Starting at $59.99

10oz Natural Wagyu Top Sirloin

The Source Verified, All Natural 10oz Wagyu Top Sirloin is a tender, well marbled steak that is a favorite for barbecues and provides a lot of bang for the buck. Our Natural Wagyu Top Sirloins are cut to 1.25″ thick which means they need a little extra time on the grill. This is a very versatile cut that can be prepared in a number of ways from oven roasting, to grilling, even pan frying. They’re also great to use in gourmet fajitas or to transform a salad from a side dish into a meal. Wet aged 35 days after harvest then expertly cut and trimmed and flash frozen for maximum quality and shelf life; these are truly premium steaks.
Starting at $34.99

American Style Kobe Package

Wagyu beef has a mythical following across the world. The Wagyu breed of cattle was developed in the Kobe region of Japan, which, for a long period of time was the only place to get Wagyu beef. In recent years the genetics have made their way to the United States and we are proud to offer this exceptional beef in our line. We raise Wagyu cattle along side our Angus beef and use the same harvest and aging process to create a true masterpiece. Wagyu beef is more expensive than Angus beef. The reason for this is simply difference in genetics. Wagyu cattle can take up to 2 times longer than Angus to reach market weight and that additional time on feed is costly. The steak experience that it creates is very unique though, and Wagyu beef has a flavor all it’s own. Deep, rich and immaculately marbled, it is truly something to behold.