About USDA Prime

USDA Prime is rare beef – and not in the cooking sense. Less than 5% of all cattle harvested make the USDA Prime grade cut.

USDA Prime

We place a great deal of focus on our cattle from the genetics of the animals all the way through the harvest and aging process. We do everything we can, but when it comes to USDA Prime, everything is a factor. USDA Prime steaks will have more marbling than other steaks which means they will be more tender and juicy. Our old school aging process gives our beef a flavor that you are not going to find at the grocery store – they simply cannot do things the way we do, and we’ve built our system from the ground up to deliver THE BEST and THE MOST CONSISTENT premium quality beef to your doorstep. USDA Prime from Nebraska Star Beef is simply the best of the best.

Learn more about USDA Beef Grading here.

8oz Prime Filet Mignon

It’s not easy to improve upon the already exceptional Nebraska Star Beef All Natural Filet Mignon, but the USDA Prime grade means they truly are a cut above. Like all of our premium steaks, the USDA Prime Filet Mignon is hanger aged, then wet aged for 35+ days before being hand cut by expert butchers. It is then packaged in special heavy cryovac packaging and flash frozen to capture it in it’s perfect state until it is thawed for cooking.
Starting at $39.99

12oz Prime NY Strip

Only a small percentage of the cattle that we hand select and harvest to be Nebraska Star Beef steaks make the USDA Prime grade. That lands these NY Strips in a class of their own. We take a lot of pride in our aging process, it is what allows us to take great beef and make it even better. When we start with beef as rare as USDA Prime, the aging process turns it into something very rare and very special.
Starting at $34.99

14oz Prime Ribeye

The steak lover’s steak taken to the pinnacle of perfection. The Ribeye steak has been the most iconic steak since people started eating cattle. It’s big, beefy and the texture unmistakable. We take the time to age these steaks the best way we know how, and that comes through when you take your first bite. If you love Ribeye steaks, we suggest staying away from our USDA Prime, they will diminish every other Ribeye that follows.
Starting at $39.99

10oz Prime Top Sirloin

Top Sirloin steaks are one of the most underrated steaks on a head of beef - if they are aged and cut properly. As a general rule, Top Sirloin steaks come out the best when they are aged properly. When we use our proven aging and flash freezing process on USDA Prime Top Sirloin steaks they turn into something truly exceptional.
Starting at $24.99