Quite possibly the most underrated cut of beef is the Tri-Tip. 

Lots of folks in the Midwest have never even heard of a Tri-Tip due to the demand for this cut on the west coast – and there are only two Tri-Tips per critter…so there’s not a lot of it to go around.

Cooking Tri-Tip can be accomplished a number of ways, but the best two ways in our opinion is the grill or the oven.  The Tri-Tip comes from the same area as sirloin steaks, and has a similar flavor and texture.  It is important to have, and use, a good digital meat thermometer, especially when cooking cuts like Tri-Tip.  Being more of a steak cut the Tri-Tip doesn’t require the living daylights to be cooked out of it.

It does very well as medium rare (internal temp of 130-135F)  Tri-Tips don’t need a great deal of seasoning.  A light rub with Nebraska Star® Beef Signature™ Seasoning or Salt, Pepper & Garlic – (aka: SPG) is all a good Tri-Tip needs before it hits the grill.

Nebraska Star® Beef Tri-Tips aren’t the cheap supermarket variety, we age them 40+ days just like the rest of our premium Angus beef.  Furthermore, we feed the cattle our own special corn based diet for the ultimate flavor, marbling, juiciness to create the best overall beef experience possible.  Sure you can find Tri-Tips cheaper, but we focus on creating a better cut of beef and cheap isn’t in our vocabulary.