Dynamite comes in small packages!

Think they’re just mini-burgers? Well, you’re right but, the key to making everyday into exceptional is quality! In addition to producing great all natural beef products we also own a very nice burger joint. We’ve learned a thing or two about burgers over the years. First, you GOTTA start with great ground beef. Try our All-Natural Angus ground beef or our new Prestige™ ground beef, which we developed for our restaurants – Angus Burgers & Shakes. Second, accoutrements are essential, but they have to balance with the patty and the bun. The meat should always sing lead, the toppings are back up and the bun keeps the beat.

Ideal slider patty size – approx. 2 oz of meat. If you’re after a medium rare burger, leave it a little thicker and size the bun accordingly. If you like your slider well done, thin the patty out so it cooks through easily without over-doing it.

Buns – dinner rolls work great. If you cook the rolls in a pan, you can drop the whole pan and slice them at once to save a bunch of time. We recommend removing the middle half inch of the roll, as left whole, it can be a little overwhelming for a small patty.

Fixin’s – tons of different toppings go great on sliders, but you’ve got to remember not to over do it. Another cool trick is to look for smaller varieties of your favorite toppings … slices of cherry tomatoes are a great example. The focus should be on quality of toppings and just enough of them to accent the star of the performance – the patty.