Texas Pete Beef Stick



Texas Pete flavored Beef Sticks capture the flavor of Texas Pete in a beef stick.  These are the spiciest beef sticks that we make, but are still enjoyable, especially by fans of Texas Pete Hot Sauce.


Texas Pete Beef Sticks are hot.  We worked with Texas Pete to capture the flavor of their famous hot sauce in our beef jerky.  We start with the leanest cuts of our premium* all natural** Angus beef and grind and blend it with Texas Pete hot sauce, then form it into sticks and slow smoke it to delicious perfection.

*by “Premium” we mean that our beef is: single source, all natural, hand selected cattle.  We slice our jerky thicker than most which means it takes longer to cook and is harder to package….but it makes better jerky.  We produce all of our jerky in <200 lb batches and lay everything out by hand.  Paying attention to the details from genetics to how the jerky is laid out on the cooking racks sets us apart from the pack.  We do things the hard way because we care enough to make things the best we are able.

**All Natural means that we use beef that has never, ever been treated with antibiotics or other drugs and we continue that through the process of making jerky by using only ingredients that maintain the USDA “Natural” classification.  There is nothing in these beef sticks besides beef, seasoning and water.