Teriyaki Seasoning Kit


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12oz Box

A very traditional teriyaki blend. We don’t use as much sugar as a lot of folks, so it’s definitely not a sweet teriyaki, but it’s not spicy. Like all our flavors, they’re great on their own, but if you like to experiment with flavors and make a sweet teriyaki – just add some honey or brown sugar.


Lucky Beef Jerky “Seasoning & Cure Kits” are designed to transform jerky making into a simple & easy way to create a wholesome, premium meat snack. Simplicity, quality and ease of use was the main focus of our DIY kits. We set out to create a kit that is so easy to use that there’s no excuse not to make your own jerky.

Our kits have enough seasoning and cure for 20 lbs of meat with everything portioned for 5 lb batches of jerky. The kits will make both slab style and ground and formed jerky. Its as easy as dissolving 1 packet of cure and 1 packet of seasoning into 1 cup of cold water. This marinade is then mixed with 5 lbs of lean meat – thin sliced for slab style jerky, or lean ground meat for ground and formed jerky. If you’re making slab jerky, let the meat soak in the marinade for 24-36 hours in the refrigerator. For ground and formed, just blend the marinade with 5 lbs of lean, ground meat until it becomes very sticky, then extrude onto drying racks and cook to perfection.

Teriyaki flavor is a fairly delicate flavor with strong tones of soy sauce and just enough fine ground black pepper to make it interesting. This flavor is safe for all palates, including the sensitive ones.