Simple Indulgence



2 – 14oz Classic Cut Angus Ribeyes

1 – Seasoning Bottle of Your Choice


The 14oz Ribeye is the Cadillac of our line, big, smooth, tasty and never goes out of style. These steaks are aged 35+ days and are always *premium quality.  We offer this package in both USDA Prime and USDA Choice.  All our beef cattle are corn fed, antibiotic free, hormone free and raised just north west of Holdrege Nebraska. Our Classic Cut 14oz Ribeye steaks are cut just over 1” thick and are plastic silverware tender … try eating a grocery store steak with a plastic silverware sometime… This is not a steak you’ll soon forget.  You also get your choice of our exclusive seasoning with this bundle.  All of our seasonings are developed in house and produced here in Nebraska.

*by “Premium” we mean that our beef is: single source, all natural, hand selected smaller cattle that result in thicker steaks, hanger aged prior to being wet aged a minimum of 35 days, then expertly cut and trimmed by professional butchers before being flash frozen in special packaging that will allow it to keep for up to 1 year in the freezer.   Most grocery store and butcher shop beef can’t compete with that pedigree and level of convenience.