Prestige™ Petite Sampler



2 – 5oz Prestige™ Angus Filet Mignons

2 – 10oz Prestige™ Angus Ribeyes

2 – 8oz Prestige™ Angus NY Strips

2 – 6oz Prestige™ Angus Top Sirloins

1 – Seasoning Bottle of Your Choice


This bundle is a great way to stock up on premium, Nebraska Star Beef. Eight mouth watering, Prestige™ Angus steaks directly from the Great Plains of Nebraska. This package also makes a great gift as it has portions to fit every appetite. We include a bottle of our seasoning – your choice of flavor – with every bundle.  Our exclusive seasoning flavors accentuate the flavor of our steaks without overpowering the way many seasonings can.