Prestige® Angus Loin Tips (4 or 8 lbs)



Pieces are of irregular shape but range from approximately 1oz to 3oz and are trimmed from our premium aged steaks.

4lbs serves 4-6 people


The ULTIMATE finger food. Our sirloin tips are lean, premium trimmings from steak cuts like NY Strip, Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin steaks. A lot of companies grind these cuts up into burger, but our family has been keeping the approximately 1oz to 3oz (size varies some) cuts for making some of the most out of this world Kabobs you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. Another great way to prepare these gems is on a well soaked bamboo skewer as “steak on a stick”. When we are cooking for events, “steak on a stick” is a top seller. They will turn average chili into a gourmet center piece and do the same for vegetable beef soup…we could go on. This cut is as versatile as a cook’s imagination.