Prestige® Korean Style Short Ribs


USDA Choice and Higher

Aged 35 Days for the ultimate flavor and tenderness

Packaged in special heavy cryovac and flash frozen to lock in freshness

2 lb package


We have awesome customers. A couple years back one of them, let’s call him Alex, wrote in and asked us if we had Korean Style short ribs. We had to do a google search, as here in flyover country Korean style short ribs were not in our repertoire. Once we figured out what they were, we cut a bunch for Alex and he has been one of our favorite customers since. He was also kind enough to share a fantastic recipe on how to prepare them in the traditional manner, at some point we will cover that in a blog… The Korean style (thin cut) short ribs have found a permanent place in our line up. We typically cook them on a lower temp with regular old BBQ sauce, and they’re pretty dang awesome, and they don’t take long at all.