Prestige® Angus Tri-Tip


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USDA Choice and Higher

Wet Aged 35+ Days

Trimmed and ready to cook

Weighs 2 – 3 lbs


Our Prestige® Tri-Tip roast is a real treat. We take Tri-Tips a little further than most beef companies. First, we age them 35+ days, then trim, package, and flash freeze at the peak of perfection. If you’re not familiar with the “tri-tip”, it’s one of the best kept secrets in the beef business. It looks like a roast but it eats more like a steak. We prefer to cook them to medium-rare and give them a 10 to 15 minute rest prior to carving. They are as good to eat “as carved” as they are on a sandwich or fajitas.

Nutritional Information

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