Premium 14oz Ribeye Subscription

$249.99 / month


Every month, you’ll receive the following:

10 – 14oz Premium Angus Ribeyes

1 – 32oz Bottle of Nebraska Star Beef Signature Seasoning


Fill your freezer with 10 of the best Ribeye steaks that money can buy.  Our *premium 14oz Classic Cut Ribeye is not only a lot of steak, it is a lot of great steak.  We have been cattlemen for generations and raise all of our own beef.  To create our Nebraska Star Beef products, we work with a local family owned butcher shop down the road to harvest our cattle, age the beef and turn it into amazing steaks and burgers.  This large bundle of our flagship steak will keep *premium ribeyes on your grill for a long time to come, for about the same price you’d pay for a steak dinner & drinks for two at a premier steakhouse.

This bundle comes with a 32oz bottle of Nebraska Star Beef Signature Seasoning which is far more than necessary for the 10 steaks, but once you try it…you’ll be amazed how many places it can be used.  From french fries to bloody Mary’s and everywhere in between.

*by “Premium” we mean that our beef is: single source, all natural, hand selected smaller cattle that result in thicker steaks, hanger aged prior to being wet aged a minimum of 35 days, then expertly cut and trimmed by professional butchers before being flash frozen in special packaging that will allow it to keep for up to 1 year in the freezer.   Most grocery store and butcher shop beef can’t compete with that pedigree and level of convenience.