14oz Natural Wagyu Ribeye



14oz Source Verified Natural Wagyu Ribeye – is quite simply – the ULTIMATE Ribeye.


Our 14oz Source Verified, Natural Wagyu Ribeye is one of those steaks that will leave an impression, in fact, don’t be surprised if it changes your perspective on beef entirely. They are cut to approximately 1″ thick and have marbling that has to be seen to be believed. This heavy marbling in Wagyu (aka American style Kobe) is different from conventional beef in that it is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and it melts into the meat fiber as opposed to charring into gristle. The texture and tenderness are second to none; these steaks can literally be cut with a fork. Contrary to popular misconception Wagyu are not fed beer or massaged daily. We feed our natural Wagyu the same corn based ration that we feed all of our natural beef and wet age for 35 days after harvest, then steaks are cut by an expert butcher and flash frozen to lock in quality. NEVER THAW IN A MICROWAVE – it can damage the product. ALWAYS thaw in the refrigerator or a pan of cold water. DO NOT remove cryovac packaging until product has thawed completely.