10oz Natural Wagyu Top Sirloin



This Source Verified, All Natural Wagyu 10oz Top Sirloin is a versatile, easy to prepare steak with great flavor and texture. Like all of our products it has NEVER EVER had antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids of any kind.


The Source Verified, All Natural 10oz Wagyu Top Sirloin is a tender, well marbled steak that is a favorite for barbecues and provides a lot of bang for the buck. Our Natural Wagyu Top Sirloins are cut to 1.25″ thick which means they need a little extra time on the grill. This is a very versatile cut that can be prepared in a number of ways from oven roasting, to grilling, even pan frying. They’re also great to use in gourmet fajitas or to transform a salad from a side dish into a meal. Wet aged 35 days after harvest then expertly cut and trimmed and flash frozen for maximum quality and shelf life; these are truly premium steaks. NEVER THAW IN A MICROWAVE – it can damage the product. ALWAYS thaw in the refrigerator or pan of cold water. DO NOT remove cryovac packaging until product has thawed completely.