American Style Kobe Bundle

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2 – 12oz Classic Cut Wagyu NY Strips

2 – 14oz Classic Cut Wagyu Ribeyes

4 – 1/3lb Premium Ground Beef Patties

1 – Seasoning Bottle of Your Choice


Wagyu beef has a mythical following across the world. The Wagyu breed of cattle was developed in the Kobe region of Japan, which, for a long period of time was the only place to get Wagyu beef. In recent years the genetics have made their way to the United States and we are proud to offer this exceptional beef in our line. We raise Wagyu cattle along side our Angus beef and use the same harvest and aging process to create a true masterpiece. Wagyu beef is more expensive than Angus beef. The reason for this is simply difference in genetics. Wagyu cattle can take up to 2 times longer than Angus to reach market weight and that additional time on feed is costly. The steak experience that it creates is very unique though, and Wagyu beef has a flavor all it’s own. Deep, rich and immaculately marbled, it is truly something to behold.