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4 – 1/2lb Premium Ground Beef Patties

8 – 1/3lb Premium Ground Beef Patties

1 – 1lb Premium Ground Beef

1 – Seasoning Bottle of Your Choice


Our ground beef is different. When developing our product line we challenged ourselves to do everything better than it had ever been done in the past. Lots of companies try to “re-dress” run of the mill ground beef by adding seasoning, or other non beef accouterments to their patties … but is that really ground beef? We do not believe so … We took a hard look at the different grind types, lean/fat ratios, pattie size and weights, as well as what we liked, and disliked, about numerous burgers we cooked and sampled. The things that ended up being the most meaningful to us were: Double ground beef – coarse plate first, fine plate second. Texture of Angus. Richness of Wagyu. Well aged beef flavor. Half pound pattie (though we have other sizes now) and a burger that doesn’t shrink excessively during cooking … After a great deal of R&D, we created what we believe is the ultimate ground beef patty. A propriety blend of both Natural Angus and Natural Wagyu (Kobe style) beef that is mainly trim from our painstakingly aged steaks, then expertly ground to create the perfect texture and a burger that stays juicy, even when cooked to “Well Done” temperatures.