Beef Stick Variety Bundle




12 – 1.25oz Individual Sticks

With this package you’ll get 12 beef sticks, your choice of flavor.


Lucky Beef Jerky IS gourmet beef jerky. Slab Style Jerky is good ol’ fashioned traditional  beef jerky. We start with big, thick slices of beef that come from the leanest part of the animal; the round. We season these lean, tender slices with our proprietary seasonings that are made just down the road in Fremont, NE. Lucky Beef Jerky is always made in small batches – they never exceed 200 lbs – by skilled artisans right here in Nebraska. We’ve been raising our own beef for generations, so you can rest assured that you’re getting premium, consistent, fresh jerky from a small farm family who gives a damn about what they produce.

Our flavors are vivid. Red Pepper** is HOT. Black Pepper** is BOLD. Original is RICH. Teriyaki is SAVORY.

No Sodium Nitrate or Sodium Nitrite
No Antibiotics
No Steroids
No added Gluten*

*Glutens are present in some of the products that go through our processing facility so we do not meet “Gluten Free” classification

**If you don’t like spicy things, don’t order Red or Black Pepper – they are too hot for folks with more sensitive taste buds. Delicate folks are best off with Original or Teriyaki.