1/3lb Angus / Wagyu Ground Beef Patties


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4 – 5.3oz Patties


5.3oz Angus / Wagyu hamburger patties are the perfect sized burgers for a family meal. Each of the 4 patties is a third of a pound of the best burger we could dream up. We learned that in order to build the ultimate burger we had to blend Angus and Wagyu beef. The reason we blend Angus and Wagyu beef is to build the tastiest burger that has minimal shrink on the grill. The Wagyu tends to shrink on the grill due to its fat content – fat that is high in omega 3 fatty acids and has flavor like no other. The Angus delivers a flavor dimension of its own, and the fact that we start with lean muscle ground gives it a great bite, texture and taste that is perfectly balanced with the richness of the Wagyu … and it doesn’t shrink it. The perfect fusion of flavor, texture, and grill master savvy. NEVER THAW IN A MICROWAVE – it can damage product. ALWAYS thaw in the refrigerator or a pan of cold water. DO NOT remove product from cryovac until it is completely thawed.