3oz Texas Pete Slab Jerky



Texas Pete hot sauce is one of the strongest brands in the hot sauce market. It has a smoky and bold flavor with just the right amount of heat. We combined Texas Pete’s signature flavor in our premium, All Natural Beef Jerky to create what we believe is the ULTIMATE hot sauce jerky.


At Lucky Beef Jerky we are constantly looking for new flavors to spice up our line. Texas Pete was a winner from the word go. One of the oldest, strongest, most well respected brands in the hot sauce business, Texas Pete is a legendary hot sauce.  We worked with Texas Pete to create a flavor that is the perfect blend of Texas Pete flavor and smoky, tender angus beef that is Lucky Beef Jerky.  This jerky is a true hot sauce flavored jerky.  If you’ve got sensitive taste buds, you may want to stick to Original, Teriyaki or Black Pepper.