3oz Peppered Slab Jerky

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Traditional “Peppered” flavor jerky.  It is more bold than spicy, and absolutely not boring.  In our opinion, this is what beef jerky should taste like…but there are a lot of other opinions out there…so we make other flavors too…


Peppered flavor was the jerky flavor that started it all for Lucky Beef Jerky.  The original plan was to add one flavor of jerky to our product line and call it a day…as usual, the plan was among the first casualties. The foundation for all our jerky is premium*, all natural** farm raised – by us – angus beef rounds.  After the cattle are harvested, we carefully hand trim, slice, and season the jerky.  Always in small batches.  Starting with the best beef, then taking a great deal of care to make sure that it is mixed with just the right amount of seasoning and water. We marinade under vacuum for maximum flavor transfer then slow cook with heavy smoke for the perfect blend of flavor and an always tender product.  Many folks expect all jerky to be the same.  That is simply not the case with Lucky Beef Jerky.  Like all of our products, we go the extra mile to make it “best in class”.

*by “Premium” we mean that our beef is: single source, all natural, hand selected smaller cattle that result in thicker steaks, hanger aged prior to being wet aged a minimum of 35 days, then expertly cut and trimmed by professional butchers before being flash frozen in special packaging that will allow it to keep for up to 1 year in the freezer.   Most grocery store and butcher shop beef can’t compete with that pedigree and level of convenience.

**We do not use MSG, Sodium Nitrite, or Potassium Sorbate in this product, and the beef used in this product is raised without: Antibiotics, Growth Hormones, or any other drug treatment.