20oz Angus Bone-In Ribeye



We set out to create a steak that is unforgettable. Cutting a bone-in ribeye is more complicated than it sounds, but the results are worth it. These steaks are as delicious as they are visually appealing. The next time you want to treat yourself to an epic steak or let someone know you care, this steak speaks louder than words.


The ribeye steak is one of the most iconic cuts of beef, but we take it a step further and leave this beautiful cut of beef on the bone. Leaving the steak on the bone does a couple things – first, presentation. The bone-in ribeye is very rustic and primordial when it’s plated. There is little need for a fancy side, this cut alone can carry the main course. Second, it adds flavor, by leaving the bone on the steak, it’s closer to the way that it came off the beef, and when cooked the mass of the bone helps to balance the internal temperature of the steak. If you’re looking for a truly special cut of beef that will make an impression, our bone-in King Cut Ribeye is hard to beat.