1lb Bulk All-Natural Angus Ground Beef


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No Antibiotics and No Growth Hormones

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This ground beef is a mixture of our USDA Choice and USDA Prime Angus beef.  No fillers, no “mechanically separated” stuff, no additives, no preservatives or water added, period.  Simply lean trim from the *premium Angus beef we raise and process into our steaks and burgers.  We raise all of our own cattle which means this beef comes from a single source beef, not a bunch of mixed up mystery meat from all over the place.  It just simple, plain 100% Corn Fed Nebraska Ground Beef – the best of the best.

*by “Premium” we mean that our beef is: single source, all natural, hand selected smaller cattle that result in thicker steaks, hanger aged prior to being wet aged a minimum of 35 days, then expertly cut and trimmed by professional butchers before being flash frozen in special packaging that will allow it to keep for up to 1 year in the freezer.   Most grocery store and butcher shop beef can’t compete with that pedigree and level of convenience.

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