12oz Angus Filet Mignon



The Filet Mignon is a prized cut of beef.


Filet Mignon is one of the most expensive cuts on a beef and this is for good reason. There is very little of this meat on every head of beef – generally less than 10lbs per animal – the supply is very low which means the demand is high. Aging is a critical part of creating the ultimate beef experience. Aging helps to naturally tenderize the meat and improves the flavor. All of our Filet Mignon is aged for at least 35 days with results in an exquisite flavor and a tenderness than must be experienced to believe. A fork is all that’s needed to eat our filets, they’re that tender. Our 12oz Filet Mignon is a LARGE steak. It is large enough to create a very elegant dinner for two, but it’s not too large for one person to enjoy, if they are hungry.

Nutritional Information

12oz filet nutrition


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