10oz Prestige® Angus Top Sirloin (6 or 12 pk)




Somehow, over the years, the Top Sirloin steak seems to have taken a second (or third) fiddle to the Ribeye and Filet Mignon. A Sirloin done properly is should take a back seat to no steak. So, just how does one “do” a sirloin steak properly?? The secret is a mix of genetics, the cattle’s diet, the way the beef is harvested and aged, and finally, the way the steaks are cut. It’s all about the details, and when the details are minded, it all comes together… Sirloin steaks are typically leaner than other cuts of steak, but that does not mean they are less tender. We take our Top Sirloin steaks a step further and only sell center-cut “baseball steaks” which cook up nicer and eat like a dream.