Perfect Steak – Every Time, Year Round, and Consistently!

Preparing the perfect steak is easy, yet many people are intimidated by cooking steak.  If we are honest with ourselves, getting steak to come out perfectly each and every time has probably been hit or miss…especially if cooking the steak on the time-honored charcoal grill.

There is an easier way that is also very, very consistent.  It probably isn’t what you are thinking, and it may even offend some folks sensibilities…but it works, and it’s hard to argue with success.  The answer:  Your Oven. 

To cook the perfect steak, pre-heat it to 400 degrees F.  Make sure the steak has been thawed slowly, if it was frozen.  Once thawed or starting with fresh steak, simply season the steak as desired.  Kosher or Sea Salt and Coarse Black Pepper are perfect, as is our Nebraska Star® Signature™ Seasoning  which we developed specifically for steak but later found out it works on just about anything you want!

5oz signature seasoningOnce seasoned, heat a skillet – we prefer cast iron – to a low/medium heat and add a couple tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The pan should be hot enough that water dripped into the oil spatters instantly, but not so hot that the oil smokes.

Now, using a pair of tongs, lay the steak, or steaks, into the pan and allow them to sear for a minute or two. * Hint: when searing steaks be careful not to lay too many cold steaks in the pan at once.  You can lose your heat not allowing steaks to develop the crust.  They will naturally “release” from the pan when they are seared.  Don’t pull them too early, but don’t leave them too long; you’re just looking for a nice, golden brown crust.  Flip & repeat.

Now that your steaks are properly seared, place them on a drip rack/cookie sheet and place them in the pre-heated 400 degree F ovenAssuming a 3/4” – 1” thick steak, 13 minutes will yield a Medium/Rare, 15 minutes will yield Medium and 11-12 minutes is a perfect Warm/Rare.

Chef’s Notes:

–   Preheat oven to 400F

  • Preheat heavy skillet and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Season Steaks to taste
  • Sear until golden-brown crust is achieved on both sides of steak
  • Place on drip rack/cookie sheet and put in 400F oven
  • 11-12 min = Warm Rare 13-14 min = Medium Rare  15-16 min = Medium