Shipping Nebraska Star® Products:

Science lies at the heart of many things in the food world.  Shipping frozen foods is no exception.  Great expense goes to ensure that all of our premium Angus steaks and burger products are properly frozen.  We take shipping just as seriously.  In shipping an order we take a couple extra steps to ensure steaks stay as cold as possible, for a long as possible.

We start with extra thick Styrofoam coolers.

We add packing paper to the bottom of the cooler.  This does two things.  1. It adds cushion.  2.  It helps to eliminate ANY airspace in the bottom of the cooler, air will cause the package contents to warm more quickly.

We install a highly specialized thermal liner bag.  Using this bag to isolate the frozen contents will add 24+ hours to the maximum cold time of the contents.

  • Frozen steaks and burgers – placed into the thermal bag
  • Dry ice is added ,and the bag is sealed completely
  • Paper is added to the top of the package to eliminate any air space and packing slip
  • Dry ice warning and a catalog are added on top of that and the cooler is taped shut securely

A proven method will keep product frozen for up to 5 days even in the summer months.

Allowing us to use FedEx Ground service for all shipments.  Nebraska Star® Beef  offers Second Day or Overnight shipping options if necessary.

Upon delivery of package open cooler and inspect contents for correct cuts and quantity.  It is very likely that there will be some dry ice that has not completely sublimated.  It is important to not touch dry ice with bare skin as it will “burn” the skin.  After inspection  place immediately in the freezer for storage.  Place in  the refrigerator when product will be cooked within a week or so.  If one desires to thaw steaks more quickly, they may be thawed in a pan of cold water, this normally shortens the process to 20-30 minutes. NEVER thaw in the microwave as it will damage the cellular structure of the meat and the quality will be diminished greatly.