Nebraska Star® Beef Natural Angus Beef Products:

We raise all the beef that goes into our Natural Angus product lines.  While the USDA All Natural definition leaves some room for conjecture, we take it to heart.  Cattle are not treated with growth hormones, or antibiotics.  We focus on animal well being and a healthy natural diet that contains hay and corn.  Our cattle only have one bad day.  After their “bad day” we hang age them for a minimum of 35 days before we turn them into our legendary steaks.  They are then packaged in special high barrier cryovac and flash frozen to a state of suspended animation until they are thawed and cooked.

Petite Cut Steaks –

5oz filet mignonNebraska Star® Beef’s Petite Cut steaks aren’t just our regular steaks cut thinner to get them to a lighter weight.  We use the “primal” or muscle groups that make a certain cut of steak from smaller cattle so that our Petite Cut steaks are smaller in cross section, which means that even though they are lighter, we can cut them thicker.  Thicker steaks always cook better than thin ones.

Classic Cut Steaks –

prime ribeyeThese steaks are cut the way we grew up on them.  They are generous portions, but well balanced in every respect.  We keep them no less than 1” thick and in most cases they run closer to 1.5” thick.  We cut steaks this way because we believe it achieves the best balance between cook-ability and eat-ability.  Steaks that are too thin are difficult to cook perfectly, steaks that are thicker require much longer cook times, and bigger appetites. Nebraska Star® Beef’s Classic Cut steaks are all about balance.


King Cut Steaks –

We had to talk the big boss into making these, as they are a little…extravagant…  One of our best restaurant customers asked us for some “special steaks” for an event they were hosting.  Our butchers cut these epic steaks, and after having a few ourselves, we decided to include them in our standard line up.  We don’t sell a lot of these, but if you want a steak that makes a statement, serve a King Cut.

Premium Blended Ground Beef

We  set out to create our product line, we wanted to create products that are legitimately “best in class”  when we got to hamburgers…we had to stop and think.  Burgers get pigeonholed as “a burger is a burger”  but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are so many factors that go into making the best burger, it would stun most people.  From the meat that is included in the grind mix, to the fat/lean ratio, the size of the grind plates and the temperature of the beef when it’s being ground…all these things make a difference.

As we studied different cuts of meat being ground certain ways, we began to pick up on trends.  Larger muscle groups from Angus cattle – shoulder clods and chuck rolls – had great texture and mouth feel, ground Wagyu beef had this thing called “Umami” which is best described as a rich, savory, mouthwatering taste.  But the burgers tended to shrink up a lot.  We experimented with blends of lean Angus and Wagyu, which is fattier by nature, and ended up with a burger that stands head and shoulders above any other burger we had tried.

Article by Steve Johnson