Ribeye – The King of Steaks!

The Ribeye is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to steak. Ribeyes conjure up images of cowboys sitting around a campfire cooking up large slabs of beef. While working on a cattle drive from Lonesome Dove Texas  to Ogalalla, Nebraska.  While possible, it probably was not reality.  Salt Pork and beans were probably much more common menu items from camp cookie.  Ribeye do carry with them a certain mystique and possess the magic that embodies the west.

Cooking ribeyes is pretty simple.  The grill or campfire will work, but one has to be careful to not start an even bigger fire.  The fat that will render from a properly marbled steak.  Pan sear followed by cooking on a drip rack in a conventional oven.  We find this method the most consistent perfection when cooking a ribeye.

Like the filet, cooking a ribeye to the USDA encouraged 145F internal temp will result in a steak that is overdone by many people’s standards.  We prefer cooking to an internal temp of 120 – 130F ( disclaimer – at your own risk. We do it all the time but there is always a chance.) , which will result in a very tender, very juicy steak.

In case you didn’t read the filet cooking details, the trick to pan searing is to use a mixture of AA unsalted butter and extra virgin olive oil.  The butter caramelizes at a much lower temperature than the oil and this helps to create a “crust” on the outer surface of the steak more quickly oil alone.  This helps to seal in the juices during the cooking process, and all sides of the steak should be seared as well as possible before putting it into the oven.

Cook Time…. we prefer a thoroughly preheated 400F oven, of course, all ovens will vary some and altitude is always a factor, so it’s best to use a meat thermometer and cook the steak to an internal temperature of 130F and note the amount of time that it took to reach that internal temp.  Referencing this information will help on subsequent steaks.

Nebraska Star® Beef offers different sizes of Ribeyes:  Our 10oz Petite Cut™ is a great size steak for smaller appetites, the 14oz and 16oz Classic Cut™, 20oz Bone-in or our 24oz King Cut™ is the perfect steak when you’ve got a seriously large appetite to satisfy or you’re looking for a steak for two (or three) that will satisfy.

Article by Steve Johnson