From our family to yours, we’ve inviting you back to the family table to share another one of our favorite recipes. This recipe comes from Nate. Nate keeps the website looking fresh, clean, and easy to find online, and his favorite cut is the New York Strip.

“New York Strip (anything bigger than an 8oz, because 8oz is just enough to keep me wanting more)

Method: Cooked over the coals of an open pit fire:

  • Place cooking grate over camp fire (section fire off to two sides, one with flame for searing, and a side with just the coals) Yes you will need to have this going ahead of time so you have enough coals.
  • Season steaks w/ salt & pepper or Signature™ Seasoning.
  • Sear steaks over flame for just a min or two on each side — Just enough to sear the outside.
  • Pull steaks off flames and place over hot coals. Not too close to the coals — needs to be far enough above to get some slow cooking and allow you to not burn the steak. This can be done with strategic rock placement.
  • Doneness – experience is best, each fire will burn differently, just feel the steaks firmness is about the best you can do or carry a meat thermometer into camp.

Top it off with some Dutch Oven Potatoes (sliced or cubed- potatoes, beer, onions, bacon) let cook until potatoes are soft or everyone is hungry enough to not care. If beer is a scarce resource then skip it, save the beer for after/during dinner.

And for dessert, try Peach cobbler also cooked in a dutch oven. I have no idea how this magic is done, only Grandma knows.”