Meatballs- they are for so much more than spaghetti sauce…

From the not so prickly porcupine meatball to the gourmet blue cheese stuffed meatball.  The diversity of the meatball personality is as broad and encompassing as today’s gender definitions.   The one thing that all meatballs have in common is:  Meat.  If one is cutting their own steaks and grinds the trim, it can create gourmet meatballs.  Gourmet meatballs have the flavor and texture to stand on their own .  On the other end of the spectrum fresh ground beef is the perfect base for creative meatball creations. Meatballs can include ingredients from dehydrated or fresh fruit all the way to rice, beans and cheese.

The ideal portion for a gourmet meatball is 4oz of meat.  Cooking meatballs properly requires a bit of skill and slightly lower oven temps 300 – 350F.  The goal is to get the internal temperature to 150 – 160F for a “well done” (no raw meat in the middle) meatball.  The only way to achieve this accuracy is with a digital cooking thermometer.  Blue Cheese Porcupine Meatballs are a favorite of our crew. They’re literally as simple as mixing cooked rice with ground beef at a 1 to 1 ratio and stuffing them with a teaspoon to tablespoon of blue cheese.  Not a fan of blue cheese…??  Try substituting sharp cheddar or whatever cheese you prefer.

Whether you’re using Nebraska Star Beef “Loin Tips” to grind into the ultimate meatball or you’re starting with our 1 lb Premium Ground Beef chubs, let the thoughts flow and try some different ideas and get meatballs to the center of the plate, where they belong.