Nebraska Star Beef is much more than an online beef company. We also service many of the finer restaurants in our surrounding area. We are actively pursuing foodservice customers of all types everywhere in the continental United States.

What can Nebraska Star® Beef do that big Foodservice can’t?
We raise our own cattle – and a lot of them. We are one of the largest cattle producers in Nebraska. Our Natural beef is antibiotic free/hormone and growth promotant free from birth. The difference between Nebraska Star® Beef and other distributors is that we raise all of the beef we sell, right here. We work with a local packer to ensure that we produce only the highest quality steaks and we put a tremendous amount of focus on consistency and quality.

Drop Shipping
We have our own shipping facility and ship many packages – large and small – every day. Owning our own shipping puts us in a very unique position to offer very affordable shipping to larger volume customers. This also allows restaurants a unique option to offer, premium, farm raised, single source beef regularly or occasionally as a “special” type menu item. On case sized orders, shipping generally adds $1.00 or less per individual steak. Our shipping is very cost efficient.

The fact that the steak is portioned by professional butchers then flash frozen means the kitchen may thaw as needed and there is no labor, scrap or shrink from cutting steaks. We’ve laid out a cost breakdown below, for primals vs our cut steak program. The absolute cost difference is minimal, when one adds in the convenience of having a premium, portioned, and frozen product the value becomes very clear. We understand that many Chefs prefer to cut their own steaks and we offer primal programs as well.

Designed to be Frozen – From the Start
Consistency being the name of the game, we built a program that ensures the utmost consistency of product integrity and versatility of storage and shipping. After our cattle are killed, we hang age the carcass for 35+ days – the traditional way. Then the carcass is broken and portioned into our various retail cuts which are packaged in specialized high barrier cryo-vac material and blast frozen. The beef is literally “frozen” at its peak of perfection. Once the steaks are frozen they are moved to a state of the industry cold storage facility and kept at -10F until it they are shipped. When shipping beef, we use dry ice (-109F) to maintain a very low temperature for as long as possible. This helps to maintain the product integrity created in the blast freezing process. As long as the time is taken to thaw steaks slowly, each and every product from Nebraska Star® Beef will be very consistent from steak to steak, day to day, and month to month. Delivering frozen beef allows the customer to keep the beef frozen for weeks if necessary – much, much longer than beef purchased fresh and maintain a consistent, premium steak experience each and every time the plate is presented to the customer.

How does it work?

Just give us a call at (308) 876-2250 or fill out the form below for our foodservice pricing structure and terms. We do our best to balance Quality, Delivery and Cost to offer a unique, premium product that is a functional addition to your menu.

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