What makes Nebraska Star® Beef different than other online vendors?
We actually raise, harvest, age and process our own beef. When you buy beef from us, you are REALLY buying beef from us.

How does Nebraska Star® Beef differ from USDA Choice beef at the fresh counter?
NSB is more consistent. We learned a long time ago that to create the best, most consistent beef the secret is “only freeze it once.” Our process of aging, cutting, then flash freezing every steak, means that every steak is as consistent as possible.

The fresh counter… it’s good beef, but when it hits the counter, there is generally very little age on the steak cuts. The steaks age as they are on the counter… this means that the taste/texture and flavor change a little bit every day.

How do you decide what is Nebraska Star® Beef?
We work with ranchers across the northern plains – Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska to source the best Angus/Angus cross cattle we can find. We finish them to market weight with steam flaked corn, which increases the digestibility of the corn and helps the cattle use the energy in the corn more efficiently. This is also the foundation of our trademark flavor.

How do you KNOW that your beef is yours? Don’t they all get run into pens and mixed up at the packing plant?
We don’t use just any packing plant. We work with a small, local, family owned butcher shop to harvest and package our beef. We drive the cattle there ourselves. Once harvested, we hang the halves to age the beef – the old fashioned way. When the beef has aged properly, their expert butchers cut it into our steaks, package it in heavy cryovac packaging and flash freeze.

Does any of the beef not “make the cut” to become Nebraska Star® Beef?
Occasionally, yes. If we have an animal that requires antibiotics, and they do from time to time, we will treat that animal to get it back to good health as quickly as we can and that animal is sold to one of our customers who deals in commodity beef.

Isn’t frozen beef less desirable than fresh beef from the store/butcher?
Frozen beef has gotten a bad reputation as a lot of companies only freeze beef when they have to keep it from spoiling. We have built our frozen beef program from the ground up, our beef is intended to be frozen. Freezing also allows us to produce a more consistent product by giving us the ability to age EVERY steak EXACTLY the same EVERY time, then cut and flash freeze until the customer thaws it for cooking. Our frozen beef won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, we guarantee it.

Who is Nebraska Star® Beef?
Nebraska Star® Beef is owned and operated by the Klute family from Kearney, Nebraska. The employees of Nebraska Star® Beef are all members of the Klute family, with the exception of 2. We have been raising corn and cattle in Nebraska for 4 generations – we are family farmers.