Burgers – A few more ways to make a classic better!

Perfect Burger

Perfect Burger!

Burgers a very wise man once told me that there is no such thing as advanced techniques, only the advanced application of basic techniques.  The same is true of burgers.  While the basic burger has been pigeonholed by many as “boring” or “plain” they can become as awesome as the imagination allows.

Ideal burger size generally ranges from 4oz to 8oz with the 5.3oz or 1/3rd pound patty being a very nice balance.  A 1/3rd pound patty is large enough to cook easily and not so large as to intimidate more delicate diners.

Patty shape can range from thick and loosely packed, to thin, tightly packed…. even small details like this can have a serious impact on the overall burger experience.  Some folks believe that burger needs to be killed twice – once before it’s ground and again on the grill.  This is simply not true, especially if one is grinding steak trim.  The USDA recommends that all food be cooked to an internal temp of 165F, we like to cook our burgers to around 150F.

Nebraska Star® Beef has a number of different options to take your burger experience to the next level.  From our “Food Service” packages that are the PERFECT way to feed the whole neighborhood BBQ to our cryo-vacced and frozen Ground Beef patties or our 1 pound bulk packages of premium ground beef.  All of our ground beef is a blend of All Natural Angus and All Natural Wagyu beef for the ultimate in favor and texture.