Angus Beef Tri-Tip One of the Most Underrated Cuts!

Angus Beef Tri-Tip roast is one of the most underrated cuts of beef on the entire animal.  The size of a roast, the consistency of a sirloin steak, it is the ULTIMATE food if you are serving a small group.  Angus beef tri-tip is the easiest cut in the world to cook on a medium/low heat grill.

Simply season to taste, lay on the grill, flat side down, and roast until the tri tip internal temperature reaches 140 degrees.

Remove from heat, cover with aluminum foil and allow to rest for 15 minutes. Slice into 3/16’ pieces and serve with firm dinner rolls.

It is important to remember thickness and grade of the Angus Beef Tri-Tip varies so adjust accordingly.  The only situation worse than not cooking it enough is cooking it too much!

Tri-Tip Facts:

  • First popular in the Western Part of the United States.  Reason for this most likely revolves around cattle ranches using every part of the beef and the tri tips properties make it ideal for cooking outdoors over the coals of an open fire. The most popular, and only form of cooking on a cattle drive.
  • Tri-Tip comes from the back of the beef, just above the leg and in front of the stomach forming a triangle hence the name tri-tip.
  • This is a very lean cut of beef.  All the more reason to buy a premium product USDA Choice or better is ideal.  These grades will provide better marbling in the beef and will have a better taste and texture
  • Very little prep is needed, in most situations the fat cap has been removed.  If the cap of fat has not been removed its ideal to remove it, as it wont render in the low heat and most folks prefer not to chew a big chunk of fat.  The fat can hinder the smokey taste from charcoal or the smoker from penetrating the meat. A big let down for any dinner party!

Chef’s notes:

  • Preheat grill preferably charcoal
  • Drink a beer or two
  • Season Tri-Tip Roast to taste and put on grill
  • Drink beer
  • Remove Tri-Tip when tri tip internal temperature is 140F & wrap in foil
  • Allow Tri-Tip to rest for 15 min
  • Slice and serve with firm dinner rolls and fresh butter