Origins of Angus Beef

Certain products simply command attention. In the beef business, no one has done a better job of branding a breed than Certified Angus Beef. Angus beef in America is actually rooted in hills of Scotland, with the Aberdeen Angus breed. It is absolutely not by chance that the Aberdeen Angus breed was chosen to build the Angus beef cattle herd in America. Aberdeen Angus cattle are very hearty and are also very efficient on feed, which means they can not only survive, but thrive in a variety of different climates and conditions from the Appalachian Mountains through the great western expanses in Montana and Idaho and even into Canada.stakhouse angus cattle

“Why Angus”

Angus aren’t the biggest breed of cattle, but over the years they’ve been bred to be arguably the most well balanced breed. Many traits are cultivated in a breeding program from birthing ratings to meat quality and temperament. Balance is quite possibly the most underrated key to quality in any industry and Angus beef cattle in America are very definitely balanced. Their black hide has become synonymous with premium quality – although Red Angus are equally good cattle and the USDA grading numbers prove it. We’re color blind at Nebraska Star® Beef, our focus is premium beef regardless of whether it comes from red or black cattle, we build our herd with great Angus cattle.

Ribeye in the making Angus Beef “Is Angus beef better?” Truth be told, very few feeder cattle – organic or otherwise – are pure bred. What ranchers and producers are looking for is good genetics, healthy animals that are a combination of traits. Many Angus cattle would technically be referred to as an “Angus/Angus cross” which means they are at least 2/3rds full blood Angus and 1/3rd of another breed – commonly Simmental or Charolais – but could be a number of other breeds depending on the geographic area from which they originate. The Angus genetic brings a number of the qualities that define premium beef, usually defined by the marbling of the meat. Marbling is the intramuscular fat that helps give beef it’s signature rich flavor and texture. Angus beef cattle in America have been cultivated as much, or more, than any other breed for quality, so it can be said truthfully that Angus beef is as good as it gets.