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Whether it’s upcoming family get togethers, a genuine love of cooking comfort food in the winter, or just making sure that you’ve got plenty in the freezer…we’ve got you covered.

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Homemade beef jerky is a much more healthy treat than chocolate chip cookies and it’s more fun to make.

We are family farmers committed to excellence.

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Tasteful Gifts

Great beef is a gift that just about everyone will enjoy. Our beef is raised and produced by us and we take a great deal of pride in the entire process. If you want to give someone special, something unexpected; we’d love to help. As always, if you have questions or would like to build a custom package, just give us a call or drop us a line.

Best Sellers

  • premium pairs

    Premium Pairs

  • 32oz signature seasoning

    32oz Signature™ Seasoning

  • 20lb ground beef

    20lb Bulk All-Natural Angus Ground Beef

  • porterhouse raw

    28oz Angus Porterhouse



A steak subscription is the best way to make sure that you’ve always got better steaks than your friends. Buying meat at the store can be a crap-shoot, sometimes you end up with a great steak…other times…not so much. Nebraska Star Beef is a premium, single source, all natural beef program built from the ground up to be frozen. All of our beef grades USDA Choice and Prime BUT we take it a step further than most fresh counters and age our beef to the peak of perfection, then flash freeze it. This means steaks, roasts, and burger from Nebraska Star Beef is VERY consistent and always ready to go. It’ll store in the freezer for up to a year in it’s special packaging, or it can be thawed and cooked as soon as it arrives at your door. Life is busy, let us help make sure that you always have great beef. 

Customer Reviews

  • Ordered on Wednesday, shipped on Thursday, delivered on Friday..........then there are those outstanding steaks, not in the same class as... read more

    Hal D. hume

    Great product and service In the past, I rarely purchased meat online. When the pandemic hit, I was spending more time at the grocery... read more

    Linda Burkhart

    Best Beef Ever I am so impressed with the quality of this beef and the company. I won’t buy my beef anywhere else... read more

    Victoria Medeiros
  • Review of Beef Jerky We enjoyed the Beef Jerky that we ordered.

    Joseph Julich
    Retired, Re

    Prime Rib I ordered a 10 pound prime rib for our Christmas dinner and unfortunately due to the shelter in place order... read more

    Steve Eckenode

    Great to work with We have worked with Nebraska Star Beef for multiple years for our Flames of Nebraska girls youth softball fundraiser, selling... read more

    Rick Buerer Avatar
    Rick Buerer
  • Greatest customer service! I spent hours searching for the best value steaks to send as Christmas gifts for my employees. I checked them... read more

    Jim Pajk
    Manager, St. Marys Cement

    Excellent quality We received our first two orders as gifts from family members. The quality and taste is excellent. The company has... read more

    Denise Simkins

    Perfect Holiday Gift Excellent product and delivered in a timely manner, the perfect holiday gift! Thank-you!

    Mark Murgia
  • Quality beef products We received the Premium Pairs steak bundle a few months ago as a gift from my husband’s daughter. It is... read more

    Denise Simkins

    tenderloins We go to a lot of wonderful restaurants both near and far, however, we are not eating out due to... read more

    Laura Foxall
    Select..., Select...

    AWESOMENESS....PLAIN & SIMPLE Thank you for making my father so happy for Christmas in receiving your well packaged Angus Steaks! I've not heard... read more

    Elliot Avatar
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