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A steak subscription is the best way to make sure that you’ve always got better steaks than your friends. Buying meat at the store can be a crap-shoot, sometimes you end up with a great steak…other times…not so much. Nebraska Star Beef is a premium, single source, all natural beef program built from the ground up to be frozen. All of our beef grades USDA Choice and Prime BUT we take it a step further than most fresh counters and age our beef to the peak of perfection, then flash freeze it. This means steaks, roasts, and burger from Nebraska Star Beef is VERY consistent and always ready to go. It’ll store in the freezer for up to a year in it’s special packaging, or it can be thawed and cooked as soon as it arrives at your door. Life is busy, let us help make sure that you always have great beef. 

Best Sellers

  • premium pairs

    Premium Pairs

  • 32oz signature seasoning

    32oz Signature™ Seasoning

  • Sale! 20lb ground beef

    20lb Bulk All-Natural Angus Ground Beef

    $144.99 $124.99
  • raw porterhouse

    28oz Angus Porterhouse


Rewards Program

The Nebraska Star Beef Rewards Program is free to sign up and you’ll receive special rewards on your Birthday/Anniversary!

Customer Reviews

  • 6th ordef great steaks every time I've ordered!


    Top Quality Beef It is amazing how consistent the quality is. Usually you run into that one steak that just doesn't measure up.... read more

    Doug Williams Avatar
    Doug Williams
    President, Quinimmo Investments

    I've only had a chance to try a ribeye but was very pleased with it . The delivery couldn't have... read more

    Mark Winkler
  • Great products and service I've placed several orders with Nebraska Star and have not been disappointed. I was a Snake River Farms customer for... read more

    Wayne Bennett Avatar
    Wayne Bennett
    Soon to be named, Soon to be named

    PRIME STEAKS Wonderful ribeye steaks. They truly are what they advertise.. Delicious!!


    Absolute 1ST Class operation! *****FIVE STARS***** Nebraska Star is truly a first-rate business. Everything from ordering to timely delivery and TOP SHELF products all tied together.

    Craig E Witt
    USN (RET)
  • Great Steaks! So I have now place 3 orders for NY Strips and Filet’s. The meat quality is the best I’ve had... read more

    Scott Maher
    None, None

    Best hamburger ever! Best hamburger meat ever! Compared to other meats, we had no grill flare ups due to excessive fat drippings. ... read more

    Blue Hornet Avatar
    Blue Hornet

    Expensive but good Shipped and delivered very fast. Received frozen solid - very impressed with packaging and shipping speed. Meat is... read more

    ST Avatar
  • Steak The BEST steak ever ate!! Definitely ordering again!!

    Nancy Hypes

    Another fsst and superior delivery Thanks again! The meat was dekiverd very quickly and frozen like a rock.

    Len Rye

    excellent flavor and customer service excellent flavor, easy to cook and great customer service (when my original order never arrived)..

    Joseph P. Hough Avatar
    Joseph P. Hough
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